If you find yourself asking “what do I wear with that?”  these tips and ideas can help you.

    • Statement Necklace  Statement necklaces look great with a T shirt (great way to dress up a T)   A statement necklace pairs especially well with a solid dress or sweater.  Having the hair pulled away from the face always puts extra focus on your bold jewelry as well.  I also love the look of a statement necklace over a button up or chambray shirt.  With statement necklaces try to go easy on ALL other jewelry, the ultimate goal is balanced glamour.
    • Body-Con skirt  Body conscious/bandage skirts are VERY tight. Remember, the top that you choose to pair with a body-con skirt can make or break your look!!! If you’re comfortable showing some leg, this look is for you.  Pin thin girls, these look really cute with a semi-loose tank top tucked into the skirt (think high waisted skirt, loose top) and for the rest of us they look pretty amazing with a loose tank not tucked in, a body skimming top and a blazer for coverage or a flowy  blouse..the volume of the blouse nicely balances the tightness of the skirt.
    • Leggings   Remember to treat them like “tights” rather than pants, so layering works really well .  They look best with longer tops and tunics just as long as your goods are not hanging out. Skin tight shirts are out of the question (more of a gym look).  For a casual day look pair leggings with an oversized T and chucks. Plain pumps, Ballet flats, Booties(with a flash of ankle) or tucked into boots all work as well.
    •   Nude Heels   Go with Everything! from skinny jeans to dresses, skirts, prints,solids, neons etc. When no other shoe matches, trust in your nude heel to bring your look together. Also, they elongate the leg, who doesn’t want that? Fair or dark skinned? Find a nude/neutral heel that is closest to your skin tone to achieve fluidity!  There are plenty of nude heels out there and you will find your match.
    • Over The Knee Boots  These can be tricky, you can end up with the “pretty woman” look if you’re not careful. I love the look of a loose sweater, leggings and OTK boots.  They look great with skinny jeans or jeggings, and a structured jacket. Billowy, flowy shirts and skinny jeans are great looks for these boots as well. Also pay attention to the material( you might want to shell out the extra $ on these or they may look cheap).
    • Faux Fur Vest  Day look:  Wear it over a shirtdress and tights paired with closed toed pumps or over a chambray shirt and pair with jeans and flats!    Evening look: wear it right over your LBD with booties or a sexy stiletto. My Favorite look is a fur vest over a long-sleeved knit sweater, skinny jeans and riding boots… casual but cute cute cute.
    • Ankle boots aka Booties  booties look great with leggings with a flash of ankle showing and with  skinny jeans.  I also love the look of a cute skirt or dress paired with a bootie as well. Be sure to keep the length of the skirt or dress ABOVE the knee. We lose a couple of inches of leg when we wear these, so a shorter(not crazy short) skirt or dress  hitting a couple of inches above the knee is perfect for this look.
    • Structured Jackets/Blazers  structured Jackets look really great with skinny jeans.  Flats or heels compliment the look. I like the way distressed jeans look with a blazer to kind of balance the look also.  Loose silky blouses look great with theses jackets as does a simple T shirt. Accessorize with structured top handled bag to show off button detail at the sleeve of the jacket… with your hand held out, attention will be at your wrist.

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    Agree with you about leggings, way too many people wear leggings with tight t-shirts or crop tops, and I always feel like saying “Woah, no-one needs to see that much!”

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    Love fashion blogs by smart people. And What do I wear with that is a great article. I will be putting these great tips to work.
    Becca Blaisdell

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    LOVE this – I 100% agree with every point you made!

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    These are really great tips. I’m style challenged…I keep it really basic. But your tips may help me step it up a bit.

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    I couldn’t agree more with the legging rules.

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    YES – leggings are not a substitute for trousers! Cover that butt, ladies!

    • MissMatched July 27, 2013 at 7:30 pm #

      Too true! Tights are NOT pants!

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    There have been many times that I have wondered what is appropriate to wear what with. There are a lot of fashion faux pas out there and it mostly due to a couple of things; the woman is lazy; wants comfort and could care less; or they just don’t understand it. You have helped to get that clarified and given people hope!!! Thanks.

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      Yes I really love that look with the statement necklace over chambrays. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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