Norma Kamali diffusion line

15 Feb

        Norma Kamali was the first designer I had ever heard of.  My mom had a pair of patent black Norma Kamali peeptoe heels that I loved, I knew I wanted to wear heels like those when I grew up. Looking back, That may have been when my passion for fashion started. I learned to appreciate Norma Kamali way back then, which is why I’m jumping for joy over the news of a Kamali diffusion line:)

       Diffusion lines are the best thing ever!!! A diffusion line is a secondary line of merchandise created by high end designers that retails at more moderate prices.  Let’s be honest here, most of these “moderate” prices are still high priced for real people but they do make these clothes more accessible, even if it does mean having to save up. Most people will never in their life spend $2000 on a dress but $200 is feasible and that is why these diffusion lines are so successful.

       Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get back to NORMA!!!  Known for her fashion forward, yet understated clothes, Kamali will debut her new line, kamalikulture at prices all under $100. yay! shop at but first  sign up for an email invitaion to shop these styles before they are available to the public at

Check out my favorite diffusion lines.

  • Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • McQ by Alexander McQueen
  • Red by Valentino
  • Rachel by Rachel Roy

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