Senior Portraits: Style

22 Jun
 Hi everyone!! Check out my latest guest post I wrote for Max Brandin Photography’s blog!

It’s that time of year again, high school seniors all over the country are graduating and heading off to do bigger and better things. Senior portraits have long been a part of this process and in recent years have really focused on the student as a whole! Gone are the days of having a single headshot for the yearbook, seniors are now partaking in complete photo shoots to commemorate this milestone. I think this is a great way to capture the student as themselves and really showcase their personalities. What do you wear to a senior photoshoot? It’s totally up to you! Really! Senior portraits represent YOU at this TIME in your life, they are something you can always look back at and reminisce. That being said, you should wear clothes and accessories that are comfortable for you, things you would actually wear. While choosing clothes for a photo shoot of this sort you may be going toward trendy while mom is pulling you to stay classic. The good news is… you can blend the two and everyone wins! In the fashion world there are classic pieces that stay in your closet season after season and there are trendy pieces that will come and go. A great wardrobe incorporates BOTH, whether it’s a 50/50 split or 70/30, you need to find a happy medium and you will always look fresh.

Things to remember:

*Classic doesn’t always mean conservative and boring * Trendy doesn’t always mean ‘only of the moment’ *Some classics were born from trends- hello denim.

Let’s get to the good stuff. EXAMPLES! Here are some examples of some classic and trendy items.

Classic Traditional red nails, black pumps, diamond earrings, white button up shirt, pearls, jeans, pencil skirt, fitted feminine watch, chambray shirt.

Trendy Neon, lace, spikes & studs, nail art, printed pants, animal print, peter pan collar, frindge, high-low skirt, oversized ‘boyfriend’ watch.

The best way to incorporate both classic and trendy is to get hybrid pieces. For example, a classic shape or silhouette in a trendy color or material will always come through for you.

Classic shape in a trendy neon color. Pumps available at Target.


Classic ballet flat with ankle strap and trendy studs available at Forever21.

ankle strap flat

Classic fit and flare silhouette in lace and ‘of the moment’ mint color available at Nordstrom.

fit & flare mint

Trendy crop top over a classic maxi skirt. This dress is one piece and is available at Nordstrom.

croptop maxi

These are just a few examples of how you can seamlessly blend the two worlds of classic and trendy! Best of luck and have a great Summer!

For headshots, senior portraits and more check out Max Brandin photography.

Images: Target, Forever21, Nordstrom.

One Response to “Senior Portraits: Style”

  1. Jery Saxton June 22, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    Great article, I’ll pass it on to my niece, she’s going to be a senior next year. I’m a fan of mostly classic with a little trendy.

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