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Instagram Roundup!!!!

22 Jan

It’s Instagram Roundup time again! AKA My life in iPhone pictures! If you want to see more, follow @yourstylejourney on Instagram! Have a great day! xo-Journey

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Black Diamonds! Yes Please!

22 May

Carbonado, commonly known as black diamonds are growing in popularity. Let’s start by saying that diamonds come in an array of beautiful colors and black diamonds are REAL diamonds, they just have a different crystalline structure. The single crystalline structure of a conventional diamond is what causes the sparkle. Light comes in, bounces around and is bounced out. They are cut in a way to put “windows” precisely where the light will be able to come out best giving it the “fire” that you see. Black diamonds however have a Polycrystalline structure kind of like a bunch of diamonds smashed together. Since they’re all at different angles, they cannot be carved to create sparkles, instead the light gets absorbed making it black. Black diamonds still have a pretty sparkle all their own subtle, yet bold.

The origin of black diamonds is controversial, the National Science Foundation states that carbonado originated in outer space. Whatever the case may be, I’m in love with black diamonds and they’re edgy-chic vibe. They always make a strong statement. I am also a fan of jewelry that involves pave’.   Pave’ involves setting small diamonds  side by side on a piece of jewelry. The diamonds are so close together that it looks as though the surface is covered in diamonds. The original french word  is pronounced pahvay and meant pave, as in paving streets. As for jewelry it will look like it’s literally been paved with diamonds, SO PRETTY!

My favorite pieces right now.

Black diamond pave’ band with black rhodium plating over gold ($2,000) Pyramid stud earring with black pave’ diamonds set in black rhodium plating over gold($1,200 per stud) Both available at LYON Fine Jewelry.

Heart & arrow earrings set in 14k gold, heart set with pave’ black diamonds ($378) and black diamond tiny initial necklace set in 14k gold($356) both available at Zoe Chicco.

Arrow ‘IVO’ ring  set in oxidized sterling silver with pave’ black diamonds($136) available for pre-order now at Workhorse Jewelry.