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Get your brow on

8 Feb

Eyebrows literally frame your face.  Lets not forget about our furry friends while going about our makeup routines. I have tried all things BROW and trust me, these 2 kits are the best.  NYC kit($4) available at Target. Lorac, Take a brow kit($22) available at sephora. I love these powder and wax kits because they give a very natural look as opposed to the ‘drawn on’ look.  My brows are pretty thick, but I use this kit to fill in and keep my brows put. I used to  use the lorac kit religiously and bought the NYC kit just to try out and it works just as great.  The Lorac kit comes in 4 color Palettes, that is the advantage. I happened to find my color in the NYC kit, so I use that now and  Hello it’s $4 bucks!