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My New Fav Satchel!

10 Mar

For the past month,I kept hearing about this Marc by Marc Jacobs  Top handled color block roomy but not huge satchel. I looked it up online, saw tons of great reviews and started to get a little excited. The only thing is I’m pretty much covered in the color blocked department. The last thing I need is another bright handbag.  I visited the Marc Jacobs store and learned the bag was also made in solid black as well as grey. okay okay I really don’t need a black handbag either,but grey???….I could use a grey bag for sure and it does match almost everything. I did the usual FJ(fashionista justification) of the bag…. I have no other grey bags,well besides my clutch, but no full size bag, this bag has mixed silver and gold tone hardware so it’ll match most of my jewelry, and besides that this bag could last for years and has a top handle and a strap for different carrying options and is so cute pheeew!!! After going over all of that in my head, I felt like that was enough justification so I ordered the bag and it arrived today!!!!! YAY. It’s just as beautiful as I had imagined. The color online appears a lot darker but the guy at the MJ store warned me of that. It is actually a light/medium grey color and I cannot wait to wear this runnin’ all around town!  Here are a few pics of the color options and one of my bag(compared to the dark grey image online).  The name of the bag is Bob’s Memphis Trip. The fuchsia & red and the green & blue color block versions($528) are available at Nordstrom. The grey version($528) is available at Bloomingdales. The black version can be special ordered at a Marc Jacobs store.


bag appears very dark online(top),but is quite light(bottom)