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Spring Makeup

7 Mar

I love Spring makeup looks!!!!! Less is more and there seems to be a feminine ease to the looks.  I enjoy the “pretty” as opposed to the “punch” of the look. Smooth as opposed to dramatic. My 2 favorite makeup looks for spring are the Red lip & neutral eye and the sun-kissed dewy doll face &peachy pink lip.  Let me explain a little. I love a red lip but I really love when the eye is neutral to balance this look out, keeping all other makeup to a minimal while rocking the crimson lip looks WAY hotter than  a crazy eye plus crazy lip. The doll face look is my ultimate favorite and it starts out with a ridiculous amount of mascara, a touch of bronzer and/or peachy or pink blush and an understated lip(pink,peach,nude). Also, it’s time to grow those brows out! Go easy on the plucking  and take advantage of the only acceptable facial hair on a woman. YES clean up your natural brow, but please leave some behind (over plucking is so 1995) look up Pamela Anderson right now if you need a visual.


BLUSH: You should never see where blush ends or begins.  (blend & swipe don’t want a circle or a stripe)

BRONZER: you can overdo the bronzer if you’re not careful. Well placed bronzer looks great , when applying it put it where the sun would naturally hit your face first. This means the forehead near the hairline,the temples, the apples of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose.

OOPSY: when you look in the mirror and realize you over applied blush or bronzer, don’t fret you can either blot some off with a tissue or what I do is wipe my brush off with a tissue and go over the area and the “empty” brush will pick up the extra.

Here are some pictures from recent Spring fashion shows where makeup artists got these looks SPOT ON!  Now you try it:)