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Stack It!

18 Jun

Stacking isn’t limited to your wrist. Stack your rings ladies and don’t hold back when you do!  Mix your metals, stones, textures etc! I like the look of 3-6 dainty rings best but I’ve seen many stacks of all sizes that look great.  Try it out and see what looks best on you. P.S. Etsy is a great place to find most of these looks (just type in what you’re looking for) while supporting independent  jewelers…OMG! I want them all!

Here are some photos of beautiful rings to stack and some amazing stacks as well!

 Hammered bands = MUST have!

You can stack on any finger or even add to your wedding ring like Rebecca Romijn!


My stack right now!

2mm pink sapphire eternity band set in rose gold, Rose gold 1mm knot ring, (2) 1.5 mm diamond eternity bands set in rose gold.


Look for Less

16 Apr

I discovered this look for less while researching my previous rose gold post. This beautiful knot rose gold ring by Avanessi retails for $390.

However if you’re a fashionista on a budget there is a similar ring for you. The ring pictured below is available in 14k rose gold filled ($16.99) OR in 14k SOLID rose gold for only($62)What a steal! So cute!  It is available at Etsy,Jayy2009