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DIY- Scuff Removal (2 simple steps)

13 Apr

Good afternoon!  I thought I’d share my scuff removal tips with you all as I clean my heels up after a night out.  I try to clean my heels after each wear, keeping them beautiful for many years!  It’s also much easier to maintain them with a quick wipe down and scuff removal than to let it build up. I’ve always been able to clean my leather shoes pretty easily but had such a hard time with patent leather until one day it somehow popped in my head to try nail polish remover on a big red scuff and IT WORKED!  Since then I’ve wiped away dozens of scuffs successfully!

What you’ll need:

*nail polish remover

*1, maybe 2 Q-tips (cotton swabs)

* 2 minutes of your time


Once you have your Q-tips and nail polish remover, you simply dip the Q-tip into the nail polish remover and gently wipe over the scuff in a back and forth motion until it disappears! Once the scuff is removed, flip the Q-tip around and use the dry side to wipe off any access nail polish remover. It’s that easy! and YES this removes those unsightly red Louboutin scuffs! I have used this method on leather and patent leather and have found that it works especially well on patent leather because the surface is so slick.  I have NOT tried it on suede because quite frankly I’m scared that it would smear the stain rather than remove it.  I hope this helps you all next time you have a shoe in need of scuff removal!




Do you clean your makeup brushes enough?

26 Mar

Chances are you are NOT cleaning your makeup brushes enough. Brushes should be thoroughly cleaned once a week (or more if you have acne prone skin). YES at least once a week!!!!! Make it a priority ,make it part of your routine, just make it happen. The average brush holds onto Dirt, Oil, Dead skin cells, Bacteria and old makeup. Eeeeeeeeeew!!!  This can be a perfect breeding ground for a whole lotta NASTY! Besides that, dirty brushes can start to smell, sometimes like “wet rag” or mildew and the smell can get rubbed right back onto your skin with each application.  I have had a Makeup artist work on me with smelly brushes and I’ve hugged people and smelled it on their face, NOT FUN!  Make a commitment to clean your brushes today and your complexion will thank you:)

What to use:  There are tons of brush cleaners out there and that’s great for makeup artists because they can clean brushes fast and effectively between clients, but for the average person I suggest using warm water and baby shampoo.  Baby shampoo is strong enough to kill bacteria yet mild enough not to dry out the bristles.

How to clean:

  • Hold brush under running warm water with the bristles FACING DOWN, preventing water from getting into the ferrule (metal part) or into the wood and eventually rotting it and/or loosening the glue that holds the bristles in place.
  • Lather them up!
  • Rinse thoroughly. when you think they’re clean and the water run’s clear, Rinse again just to be sure! Leftover soap left on brushes can be just as damaging to your skin as a dirty brush.
  • Squeeze the excess water out with a cloth towel or paper towel, reshape you brush at this time if needed.
  • Lay brushes on the side to dry, NEVER dry with bristles facing up-even if you normally store your brushes this way- because water will settle into the ferrule. You can also hang brushes off the edge of a counter to cut the dry time. Most eyeshadow brushes dry in 3-4 hours but some foundation and kabukis can take up to 24 hours depending on the density of the bristles, so plan accordingly. Make sure brushes are completely dry before using.
  • Store brushes in their own home, not floating around the bottom of your makeup bag.
    Cheers to clean brushes and clean healthy skin!