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H&M Going Green Again

11 Apr

For the second year in a row, H&M is debuting a conscious collection with traditional pieces as well as some high-end pieces that they are calling the  Glamour conscious collection that features red carpet looks. These conscious collections have all been made from more sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp and recycled polyester. H&M aims to reduce its carbon footprint with its ongoing effort to make eco-fashion cool. The eco-friendly clothes range from a 60% recycled polyester blouse priced at $9.99 pictured left
to an elaborate limited edition organza crease plisse’ meringue skirt with organic cotton& silk blend boucle top priced at $299 pictured  right,
only 1000 will be produced. Sizes for the traditional conscious collection will include 4-16 and sizes for the glamour conscious collection will include 4-12. These collections will hit select H&M stores ,100 to be exact ,Tomorrow April 12th. Online shopping is still unavailable in the U.S. until September…..fingers crossed.




Below are some looks from the collections

Images: Courtesy of H&M