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Makeup Master

27 May

Roxanne Saffaie is a professional makeup artist  who has worked with leading photographers and stylists on shows, ad campaigns, N.Y. & L.A. fashion week and editorial work in magazines. Known in the industry as Roxy she is also the beauty editor of Woman’s Surf & Style magazine. Not only has Roxy mastered all things beauty, she has skin care covered as well. Roxy’s multidimensional talent has landed her on “The List” in L.A Confidential magazine with the likes of George Clooney and Dolly Parton. Roxy’s client list includes Michael Kors, Russell Simmons, Michelle Rodriguez, Zooey Deschanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Leighton Meester, Paula Patton and Ciara to name a few. Her work has graced the pages of  Vogue, People,  Maxim, WWD and Nylon among others. In addition, Roxy’s makeup looks have  been down countless runways including YSL, Giorgio Armani, Pucci and Jill Stuart. She has led the makeup for the American Idol concert tour and worked on Madonna’s “sweet & sticky” tour as well. Most recently Roxy attributed her skills to the coveted People’s 50 most beautiful 2012 issue.

Roxy’s makeup journey started in Paris where she studied at the prestigious artistic academy, Christian Chauveau. The globe trotting beauty has called Paris, Hawaii, Los Angeles and New York home, currently splitting her time between New York and L.A. It is evident that this jet-setting lifestyle has only helped her become a more well rounded artist, she has the ambition of an Angelino, the fashion sense of a New yorker, the cultural influences of France and the easy breezy down to earth vibe of Hawaii. She has seen and mastered makeup trends in all forms across the globe. She loves her career and is passionate about it. Roxy is a busy bee and enjoys doing jiu-jitsu, surfing and yoga in her spare time.  I got the chance to talk to the always in demand artist recently and asked her my favorite question…”What is your one MUST have, can’t live without product?”  she quickly answered “mascara, It wakes up your face”. I would have to agree with her as I am a mascara lover myself.

Check out Roxy’s website www.roxylook.net

Roxy has so much to offer the beauty industry, I can’t wait to see what she will do next!