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9 Dec


Fendi Celebrates Iconic Bag

13 Jun

The Fendi baguette is arguably the first “it” bag. The bag was the creation of the Italian fashion house in 1997 and was designed to be carried under the arm like a french loaf of bread, hence the name baguette. This iconic bag was created in over 1,000 styles ranging from beaded to bright and everything in between. Time to dust off your baguettes ladies, I smell a major comeback!

The Fendi Baguette book ($73.52) celebrates the 15 year anniversary of the coveted bag , following it’s journey from the 90’s to now. Along with the book, Fendi will be reissuing 6 select baguettes in honor of the occasion. see below. Shop baguettes at Fendi.

Sarah Jessica Parker helped launch the baguette into super stardom in sex and the city.

Remember when a mugger stole Carrie’s bag nearly 15 years ago?

Some of the many baguette styles