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Let’s Talk Terrariums!

28 Feb

I’ve been getting so many questions about my cute little terrarium and thought I’d share all the information with you here. First of all, if you don’t know what a terrarium is, don’t fret. I’m sure you’ve seen them around. A terrarium is an enclosed, indoor garden, usually small and made of glass so that you can see your collection of plants. Before I knew that they were called terrariums, I was searching for ‘Geometric plant holder” and open air vase” on Pinterest and google until I purchased mine from West Elm.


Now that we’ve covered the name, let’s talk about how cute terrariums are and how neat it is to have a living piece of art in your home. I also love how low maintenance they are- I literally mist mine with a spray bottle once a week and nothing more. Making it was quick and easy as well (and I am NOT a crafty person). It took me about 20 minutes total. Pinterest gave me inspiration and I looked up you tube videos on how to layer the terrarium in different ways and chose the look of white rocks on the bottom to match my current gold and neutral theme. Some people incorporate sand as well as tiny figurines. I kept mine more minimal and layered it starting on the bottom with white rocks, then added some dirt from outside, planted succulents in the dirt, then topped it off with some moss. It’s fun to make them your own!

I bought the succulents, white rocks, and moss from Home depot and the actual terrarium is from West Elm. I definitely recommend a terrarium if you want to add a cool piece of living breathing art to your home. They are easy, affordable and super cute!!!

Shop my Terrarium (pictured below) HERE Also, these particular terrariums come in 3 sizes. Check the dimensions so you get exactly what you’re looking for. Mine is the ‘small’ size. They also have extra small and large. 


Victoria Beckham Stars In Photoshoot At Coco Chanel’s Home

18 Oct

Here are some photos from Victoria Beckham’s photo shoot for Elle France .  The shoot took place back in July and will be featured in an upcoming issue of  the magazine.  Wearing her own designs, she was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld at 31 Rue Cambon, the home of Coco Chanel (in Paris).


Victoria on the iconic Chanel staircase.


Lagerfeld made an appearance.

Christian Siriano Opens First Store

31 Jul

Christian Siriano opened up his first store today in New York city’s trendy Nolita area.  Located at 252 Elizabeth Street, the 1,000 square foot boutique will stock pieces from Siriano’s runway collections as well as accessories and home decor.  Fashionistas can shop now, although the season 4 winner of project runway will have an “official” store launch  September 5th, followed by a fashion’s night out celebration the next day. Siriano is steadily climbing the fashion industry ladder!

The Shops at Target

3 Apr

Target has done it again! They have  teamed up with five ultra chic specialty boutiques from around the country to co create and bring products to a Target store near you. Target will feature a group of boutiques and have their products in select Target stores for six week runs (or until sold out) beginning May 6th. Think of it as a lending of retail space, a store in a store of sorts. Sounds like another target HIT and a golden ticket for these shop owners. I first caught wind of this news in January when I realized the shops would include The Webster, as in the Webster Miami, One of the best boutique stores in the country offering high end  fashion and accessories for men and women. Very exciting!      Below: Fabulous tri-level art deco delight, The Webster

The first group of featured shops are

  1. San Fransisco’s The Candy store
  2. Aspen Colorado’s The COS Bar
  3. Boston’s Polka Dog Bakery
  4. Connecticut’s The Privet House
  5. Miami’s The Webster

These shops offer everything from lollipops and dog biscuits to luxury clothes, cosmetics and home furnishings. With Prices will ranging from $1-$160, everyone will be able to get a taste of luxury. Okay go mark your calendar now:)