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White Eyeliner To The Rescue!

12 Nov

Ladies do not- I repeat DO NOT be afraid of white eyeliner, it is your friend indeed!  White eyeliner has been a makeup artist trick of the trade for decades and like any other product CAN be overdone and look silly but when applied right, white eyeliner instantly gives you a radiant and wide-eyed look.  If you want your eyes to POP, this is for you and is great if you have deep-set or small eyes as well. A very effective way to wear white eyeliner is to apply it to your lower waterline (inner rim of your bottom lid). Think of it as a continuation of the “whites” of your eyes……making them bigger and brighter immediately.  You can also use white eyeliner as a highlight to brighten up your inner corner tear duct area.

Fair to medium skin looks best with bright white or pearly hued pencils while tan to dark skin looks best with creamy, off white or beige hued pencils.

Feeling daring? Wing it out…..Upper or lower lash line…it’s up to you!

Pretty Teal Eyeliner

20 Aug

Eyeliner is a definite must have product, waking your face up and instantly making your eyes POP!  One  swoop of colored liner brings a WOW factor to your eyes!  If you don’t really wear colored shadows, eyeliner is your “gateway” product.  I love all colors but am partial to teal,  the beautiful hue goes with many skin tones and eye colors as well.  A teal lined eye is bright and fun while remaining very wearable.  Simply put, it is pretty on everyone.

Teal eyeliner comes in a variety of forms… good old-fashioned pencil, liquid, gel and cream.  Whatever formula you prefer is just fine to achieve this look. You’re not out of luck if you don’t own any of these because as long as you have a flat eyeshadow brush and teal shadow, you can substitute it instead of liner for a similar look.

Some of the many ways to wear teal eyeliner:

Upper lash line

Lower lash line/water line

Rim the entire eye

Pair with neutral eyeshadow (looks great with bronzes,beiges & taupes)

From low-key to dramatic, below are some examples of the many ways to wear this mermaid-chic look. Take note on how great this looks on all skin tones, eye shapes and colors.

Shop these eyeliners.

Urban decay 24/7 waterproof liquid liner in teal($19) Lancome Gel eyeliner in teal/turquoise($24.50) MakeUpForEver Aqua eyes pencil in turquoise($18) Sephora wateroof cream liner in electric teal($12) all available at Sephora.

On a budget? Try Prestige liquid liner in big teal($5.59) or Ulta Kohl eyeliner pencil in aqua($7) both available at Ulta.

New Revlon Balm Stain

18 Aug

I just discovered a new lip product and I love it!  The Revlon Balm Stain is a moisturizing balm infused with a lightweight lip stain that gives lips  just enough color that lasts for hours. Balm stain is perfect size to take on the go and is in the form of a chubby crayon for precise application.  It’s a  perfect day-to-day lip product if you want to look slightly made up but not over the top.  Available in 12 colors at drugstores now for about $8. (I’ve seen them for $6.79 at Rite aid and $8.99 on Revlon.com)  These crayons are very similar to  Tarte lipSurgence  that retail for $24.

Love This Necklace

4 Aug

I love this great pencil necklace by Kate Spade, it’s a perfect gift for a teacher, writer or artist. ‘doodle’ necklace available at Nordstrom ($78)