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Sartorial Power Player: Striped Shirt!

24 Feb

str3A Striped button up shirt is a classic wardrobe staple that transcends genres and will never go out of style.  I prefer black & white stripes, but any  color combinations will work. From casual to chic, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this sartorial power player. A striped shirt can be worn with distressed denim, luxe leather, skirts, shorts and slacks. Your mom can pull it off as well as your 20 year old sister. Every wardrobe needs at least one.

Scroll down for some ideas on how to rock the striped button up.





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Billboard Music Awards Fashion!

20 May

Last Night’s Billboard Music awards left me with ……….NOTHIN’.  I love doing red carpet roundups and this event was just not doing it for me.  On this blog I never like to talk about things I DON’T like, I personally feel like negativity breeds negativity, so I usually only feature and talk about things that I do like.  Today I will not point out worst dressed but I will say that I couldn’t pick any best dressed. Some looks were nice (I did like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez’s looks) but overall I was unimpressed and was left wanting more.  There’s always next year.

Here are some of last night’s looks.

andy allo Avril BBMA Carly Chloe Grace Hayden Jennifer Morrison Jennifer nettles kacey Musgravest Kesha Miley nayer-blue-carpet-bbma2013-600 Selena GomezShania Taylor swift


2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals Amber Rose Ariana BBMA22 Jennifer Lopez B ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Madonna Nicki Renee Space girl


Images: AP, Billboard

Stylish Celebrity Moms!

12 May

Happy Mothers Day to all the hard-working moms out there!  Being a mom is the only job that is 24/7- hats off to all moms! I thought today would be fitting for a stylish celebrity moms post! Check out the cute pics of these fashionable moms with their kids in tow!

Beyonce Gisele Bundchen

Jennifer Lopez

Gwen stefani Gwyneth Paltrow Jessica Alba Kate Beckinsale Kate Hudson Mirand Kerr Nicole Richie Rachel Zoe BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In New York - April 17, 2012 Solange knowles Victoria Beckham


Kate Young For Target

2 Apr

Another amazing Target collaboration is right around the corner……. YAY!  Stylist Kate Young brings her stylish perspective  to the masses with this fresh, modern collection filled with mostly special occasion dresses and separates  along with accessories. The entire collection is priced under $90 so there should be something for everyone.  Available in most stores and online April 14th, this feminine collection is sure to bring out your inner girly girl.  Below are some of my favorite looks. Check out the entire cookbook HERE!

KY1 KY2 KY3 KY5 KY6 KY7 KY8 KY9 KY10 KY11 KY12 KY13 KY14

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (and my favorite green gowns of all time)

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!!!!  I thought I’d celebrate by hunting down all of my favorite green gowns-well at least the ones I could find on Pinterest and share them with you!  Enjoy!

I had to start with my ultimate style, jewelry and beauty icon- Elizabeth Taylor.


and now the rest…..Carlos Miele Elie Saab Green Gucci Gucci 2 Gwyneth Paltrow Jean Desses Jennifer Lopez rihanna Solange Vogue korea

Bag Crush!

3 Oct

I’ve always liked the Alexander Wang Rocco bag, a buttery soft bag with studs on the bottom for a little bit of edge.  I first spotted the bag on Kristin Cavallari a few years back and have since seen them everywhere. I really liked  how there were different color options for the studs like gold, black nickel, silver etc. I just didn’t find that it “spoke” to my heart which is a must when you’re spending a pretty penny……UNTIL NOW……I just about DIED recently when I saw this bag in person with rose gold hardware!  It was speaking to me then!!!!!!!! It is a beauty for sure with just enough super shiny rose studs gold against the soft black pebbled leather and  two rolled top handles and a shoulder strap make the bag versatile and easy to wear.


Rocco Bag $925 available HERE.

I am in love with this bag.

Bikini Evolution

17 Jul

This month marks the 66th birthday of the bikini! In 1946 July 5th to be exact French designer Louis Réard introduced the daring two piece to the world. So daring that at first Parisian models refused to wear his design. However a dancer named Micheline Bernardini took on the challenge and became the first woman ever to wear a bikini, sparking a trend that would never end. The bikini has been ever-changing since it’s debut in the 1940’s, let’s take a trip down memory lane.


Louis Réard,1946


Micheline Bernardini,1946

Bikinis by the decade…1940’s





Turn of the century

2012!!!! itsy bitsy teenie weenie!


Contrary to the latest Sports Illustrated cover, not everyone is wearing tiny string bikinis. There are many different styles being worn today.  I love how there is no definition of the “now” bikini. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, materials and cuts!  Cheers to variety!

Present day bikinis….


Images: Sports illustrated, Splash news, Akm-Gsl,Bauer-grifin and fame flynet pictures.


Dream Closets

3 Jun

Aaaaaaaaah…………Pinch me now…………..











Best Dressed Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

16 May

Eva Longoria and Diane Krugar practically shut the red carpet down today at the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival in Southern France.  I vote them BEST DRESSED, hands down! The biggest and most glamorous film festival is always the talk of the fashion industry but MY GOODNESS this is more than I expected on Day 1 of the 12 day festival. I’m curious what else Eva & Diane have packed in their suitcases!!!!! They’re just getting started.

Eva Longoria in a breathtaking backless Marchesa gown.

Eva also wore a black tulle overlay gown by Alberta Ferretti.

Diane Kruger wore an aqua silk draped dress by Giambattista Valli.

Diane also wore an edgy burgundy cocktail dress by Versus by Versace.

Herb Ritts Exhibit at Getty

24 Apr

Madonna, supermodels, hard bodies, strong women and vulnerable men. It’s hard to think about the 1980s and 1990s without thinking of photographer Herb Ritts. And it’s hard to think of Ritts without thinking of L.A., which is why the title of the retrospective of his work that opened Tuesday at the J. Paul Getty Museum, “Herb Ritts: L.A. Style,” is fitting.

Despite (or perhaps because) he was largely self-taught, and worked in Los Angeles, Ritts, who died of AIDS complications in 2002, was able to develop a distinctive style that bridged the gap between art and commerce.

“He incorporated the L.A. landscape, the sea and surf into his work,” says curator Paul Martineau, pointing to a photograph Ritts took for Versace in 1990, of a model and a diaphanous gown braving the desert wind. His favorite time of day to shoot was 3 to 6 p.m., when he was able to capture that magic L.A. light and create the sense of warmth that radiates from every frame.

Martineau worked with the Herb Ritts Foundation on the exhibition, editing 1,200 boxes of photographs down to 87, some never before published. Featured alongside examples of his magazine covers and commercial videos, they highlight Ritts’ legacy in fashion, portraiture and nudes, and show how he culled inspiration from old masters such as Botticelli, Umberto Boccioni, and photographers including Philippe Halsman and Edward Weston, many of whom were represented in the books found in his personal library after his death.

When it came to fashion photography, Ritts helped put L.A. on the map as the premier destination in the world for shooting fashion editorials and advertisements. Malibu, Point Dume, the dry lake bed at El Mirage near Palmdale and the Santa Monica Pier were some of his favorite locations to achieve the pointillist and chiaroscuro-like shadows on the skin that were his favorite effects.

“It was a new look that the fashion establishment hadn’t seen before,” Martineau says. “And his interest in the nude and his location here make sense with the emphasis in L.A. on body culture.”

He worked with all the supermodels of the time, including Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford, this last of whom Ritts photographed wearing a goddess-like gown in Malibu in 1993 for a Ferré catalog. “He is hiding the back leg behind the front leg, and you get this sinuous S-curve happening, which taps into Renaissance culture. She’s slightly askew, which creates asymmetry and a sense of playfulness,” Martineau explains.

Ritts wasn’t afraid to go against what was suggested by the fashion directors, and indeed, Vogue editor Anna Wintour is quoted in the exhibition catalog saying that Ritts “wasn’t as interested in the clothes as he was the texture of the skin.”

Much of Ritts’ legacy lies in his celebrity portraiture. (He shot more than 200 magazine covers in his lifetime.) Who can forget the 1986 portrait of Madonna on the cover of her “True Blue” album with her head thrown back, her creamy skin and blond hair contrasting with the tough, black leather biker jacket pulled down around her shoulders? Or the exuberant shot of Michael Jackson on the Jan. 9, 1992, cover of Rolling Stone magazine, wearing a white tank top, smiling, with his face cast down and his hair pulled back; he never looked sexier. (“When Michael Jackson saw it, he called Ritts and asked if he was trying to ruin his career, which just goes to show how wrong he was about his own image,” Martineau says.)
Or the shots of Richard Gere, playing the hunky mechanic with a car on a lift behind him, taken in San Bernardino in 1977? Even Gere himself admits in the gallery’s audio guide that those images helped launch his career.

“There is a great sense of architecture to this picture, which was taken before Herb even knew he was going to be a photographer,” says Martinaeu. “He balances the softness of Richard with the hardness of the lift, and the diagonal lines that go between Richard’s arm, the fin of the car and his cigarette really energize the picture.”

Ritts had a knack for catching the essence of celebrities’ personalities, which made fans feel like they had a connection to them in a way that was unique before the days of 24/7 reality shows and over postings on Twitter.

“Celebrity portraits in old Hollywood were taken with elaborate lighting and makeup. They were very staged,” says Martineau. “But Ritts complicated the issue by showing the back of people’s heads [see the portrait of the back of fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s blond head taken in 1990] or obscuring their faces so they were not instantly recognizable” [the 1990 photo of Sinéad O’Connor’s bald head, with eyes closed, which was more about form than showcasing her fame].

It was interesting to learn that Ritts grew up in Los Angeles next door to the actor Steve McQueen, who was such a close family friend, he would show up unannounced to visit. “He had an understanding of people who were famous from an early age,” says Martineau. (And no doubt, an understanding of how powerful the vision of celebrity disarmed can be.)

Eventually, Ritts’ work made him a celebrity himself. He had a $1 million contract with Conde Nast, could earn up to $40,000 a day for commercial shoots and charge $60,000 a day for expenses.

He was Madonna’s preferred photographer, so she tapped him to film her video “Cherish” in 1989. Ritts used a hand-held camera to capture the pop star frolicking on the beach in Santa Monica. “He filmed it in color, but the water was so cold, it drained the color from her skin and one of the ‘mer-men’ had hypothermia, so they decided to use it in black-and-white,” Martineau says.

Ritts also made videos for Chris Isaak and Janet Jackson, commercials for Guess, Calvin Klein and Levi’s, all incorporating the same natural environments, statuesque bodies and sense of movement found in his photographs.

Although Ritts wasn’t very sporty himself, he admired people who were, photographing dancers and athletes for personal as well as commercial projects, including Greg Louganis, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Arnold Schwarzenegger (when he was a bodybuilder).

He developed an ability to analyze the male nude from a variety of angles and create compositions taking inspiration from 1950s male physique magazines and classic images of the nude from Greek mythology and antiquity.

“It was a short range of time, from 1984 to 1992, that he was doing great experimentation with the male nude, showing it in ways that were commercially appealing, says Martineau. “That led to the idea that straight men could be seen as vulnerable, and could have a whole range of expression.”

Ritts’ last shoot was in 2002 with Ben Affleck for Vanity Fair.


Via:LA Times

“Herb Ritts: L.A. Style” is at the J. Paul Getty Museum through Aug. 26.










Here are some of my favorite Herb Ritts images and the exhibit is pretty amazing!