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Pantyhose that don’t run or rip? YES!

6 Mar

When I think of pantyhose, the first thing that comes to mind, are rips and runs. I have never owned a pair that didn’t eventually get a run in them or holes- I feel like it’s inevitable, because they’re so delicate. UNTIL NOW! Sheertex is changing the pantyhose game!  Yesterday I wore mine all day and you better believe I was pulling on them to see if the claims were true. I was literally trying to tear them and nothing was happening, I also tried poking my finger through them and… nothing. They held up and are seriously strong! Another great thing about these pantyhose is the sustainability factor, most pantyhose usually last 1-3 wears before they rip, tear or run and you have to buy more. With Sheertex, they last so long that you’re saving precious landfill space and money. WIN WIN!

There are many different sheertex color and size options to choose from, I chose the polka dot version.

Click HERE  to shop. Use code JOURNEY10 for $10 off of your first pair.

Valentine’s Day Nail inspiration!

28 Jan

Valentine’s Day 2016 is right around the corner and I’ve searched Pinterest for some super cute nail inspiration to share with you guys. I’ve also linked my ‘How to paint a heart on your nails‘ post as well, which is actually quite easy, even if your’e not artistic whatsoever. Tag me in your Instagram pics so I can see your cute ideas:)



Not So Basic Stationary!

2 Sep

Whether it’s for school, work, or your desk at home- great stationary can quickly liven up a space and quite frankly it can make you happy!  I have been collecting cute stationary for some time now and am sharing my faves with you today 🙂 I’m not a basic stationary kind of girl, so of course I’m partial to pink, polka dots glitter!

Some of my favorite stationary right now! Can you say CA-UTE!!!!! Click links below to shop these cuties!


Laduree set complete with macaron erasers!!!!!! OMG so adorbs!

Kate Spade Polka Dot notebook.

Kate Spade ‘Eat cake for breakfast’ Journal.


journals notebooks

You’re a gem’ pencil set(set of 9).
pencil set youre a gem Lucite stapler with rose gold tone throughout.rose gold stapler Swarovski bling pen in pink.swarovski pink Swarovski bling pen and USB set in pearl white.swarovski set Twig colored pencil set (set of 12)twig set

20 of Summer’s Hottest Bathing Suits!

19 Jun

Who says one pieces have to be boring?!  Some of my all time favorite bathing suits are one pieces! I feel like they can be just as sexy if not sexier than bikinis! Below are 20 super cute bathing suits that will have you strutting your stuff! Also, remember you won’t have to worry about tan lines if you wear your SPF!!!!!!!!

Pink printed suit $134 available HERE.


Black & white suit $152 available HERE.Ss2

Fringe halter suit $54 available HERE.SS3 Navy & white suit $47 available HERE.SS4Peplum blue suit $55 available HERE.SS5 White cutout suit $68 available HERE.SS6 Floral print suit $58 available HERE.SS7 Striped suit $ 93 available HERE.SS8 Snake print suit $100 available HERE.SS9 Belt black suit $170 available HERE.SS10 Retro mint striped suit $241 available HERE.SS11 Ruffle suit $121 available HERE.SS12 Printed suit $112 available HERE.SS13 Ruffle cutout suit $80 available HERE.SS14 Striped cutout suit $90 available HERE.SS15 Floral suit $84 available HERE.SS16 Wetsuit inspired zip up $89 available HERE.SS17 Black side tie suit $89 available HERE.SS18 Colorblock suit $100 available HERE.SS19 Polka dot suit $42 available HERE.SS20




Fabulous Friday Finds! (all under $20)

22 Feb

Happy Friday!!!!!  I’m back with more fabulous Friday finds, all under $20 as usual!  Here are some finds for you to shop!  Have a great weekend!


1. Five stone necklace $18 2. Mint rhinestone earrings $10 3. Studded envelope clutch $12.98 all available at Nordstrom.



Mint earrings

envelope clutch

4. Polka dot shirtdress $17.97 available at Old Navy.

polka dot shirtdress

5. Umbrella ring holder $11.99 available at Modcloth.

ring holder

6. Bow gloves $10.17 available at Asos.

bow gloves

7. Pullover sweatshirt $15.80 available at Forever21.


Cute dress for $46!

30 Jul

How cute is this belted polka dot dress????? Available at Lulu’s.

How to make a heart on your nails in a few easy steps

14 Jul

I am so in love with all the latest nail art I have come across, it’s such a sensation across beauty blogs and all over the web. I have always done polka dots and have mastered the easiest way to do so.  I am not artsy at all, so getting perfect polka dots every time is an amazing feat.  I used to use a toothpick until I discovered my favorite polka dot making tool at a craft store  years ago and I still use the same tool now. The tool is known in the scrapbooking world as a stylus or embossing tool and they’re very reasonably priced, $2-$4 at Michaels, Jo-ann or any craft store. I prefer the dual tipped kind, so I can choose the size of my polka dots. This whole polka dot obsession has led me to include heart designs in my nail art.  I came across a tutorial a few months ago that showed how to create a heart by connecting 3 dots. you’ll see just how simple it is in the pictures below

Stylus tool $2.10 at stuff4scrapbooking.

Heart in a few easy steps.

1. start with one dot

2. make another dot directly beside it

3.make a third dot under the first two, directly in the middle, this will be the bottom of your heart.

4 connect the three dots into a heart shape.

5. give your design plenty of time to dry before applying your topcoat.

                                                                                                                                                     My tool

I prefer to put a small amount of polish onto a post it and dip my tool into that instead of into the bottle.

My latest heart nail art. Mint polish topped with a cherry red heart!

Nautical Navy

19 Jun

I have always loved nautical inspired clothes. I’m a huge fan of navy in any form. I recently have been wearing navy & white ensembles and accessorizing with Browns, SO CUTE and chic. Red can also be cute to accessorize with but can look costumey if you’re not careful. These cute looks accessorized with browns will have you sailing through summer in style (and well into fall)

Here is the right way to add a “pop” of red.

Shop these nautical looks below.

One should dress with belt ($24.80), pleated  shorts ($22.80) and peter pan collar tee ($14.80) all available at Forever21.

Tank dress with belt ($72.99) available at Modcloth. T shirt dress ($128) available at Saks. Striped romper ($25) available at Lulu’s.

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding (Dresses fit for the occasion)

12 Jun

Wedding season is upon us and the invites should be arriving in your mail boxes around this time. The dreaded question is always “what do I wear to a summer wedding?” You want to look great without taking away from the bride, that’s the goal. You want something that can easily transition from day to evening without being overdressed. A lot of summer weddings are outdoors so that brings a sense of “casual” that you just don’t have during other seasons, and that is great to work with when deciding on an outfit.

Let’s start with some basics


* Wear sleeveless, you won’t overheat

*wear something sexy, yet tasteful

*wear pretty polka dots, fun florals and summer colors like greens, peaches, yellows and pinks.

*keep a wrap or pashmina in the car for transition to evening


*wear anything too low cut

*wear white, unless the bride specifies

*wear a tight dress, fitted is different from tight. If you wouldn’t wear it in front of grandma, don’t wear it to a wedding.

P.S. heels are totally acceptable, even if you have to practice walking in grass first!

Skirts and tops always work for weddings but I prefer dresses, I think a dress, even a “casual” style brings a sense of grace to your look and appears a bit more polished. Also, when you involve separates you basically increase the chance for disaster with each piece you add, and so much more thought has to go into it. 1 piece is easier than 2, it’s as simple as that.

Here are some looks to inspire you

click to enlarge

1. Belted peach dress ($43) 2. One shoulder teal dress ($35) 3. Polka dot dress ($43) all available at Lulu’s.

4. Pleated peach swing dress ($22.80) 5. Printed maxi dress ($32.80) both available at Forever21.

6. Strapless ikat print dress ($128) 7. Ruffle front halter in deep coral ($128) 8. Plus size dolman sleeve printed dress ($140) 9. Floral wrap dress ($175) 10. One shoulder ruffle dress ($118) all available at Nordstrom.

11. Blue lace bell sleeve dress ($204) 12. Pink silk trapeze dress ($396) 13. Structured sleeveless lace dress ($248) all available at Saks.

14. Strapless peplum dress in blue ($99.42) 15. Rose printed pencil dress ($115.99) 16. Fit & flare dress in orange ($55.51) all available at Asos.

Nailed it!

10 Jun

I’m loving all of these cute nails! Everyone is getting so creative lately too! Here are some of my (and your) old favorites and some newbies too:)

If you love creative manicures, check the  YSJ Facebook page often, I’m always posting my favorite nail pics!

Lets start with my favorite summer nails: mint pedicure, peach manicure:)