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Remove Stubborn Glitter Polish With Ease!

22 Jul

Do you have a love hate relationship with glitter nail polish? I know I do- I love the pretty sparkles but HATE trying to remove it! Glitter polish removal has always been such a pain, it is time-consuming and frustrating to say the least. Well there are a couple of options for you when it comes to quick and easy removal of glitter polish.. One is an inexpensive DIY that you can whip up at home and the other is available HERE for $9.

OPI Peelable Base Coat is ready to go and bottled up for you. Just apply and let dry before using your favorite glitter polishes. When you feel like changing your polish, simply peel it off.

glitter off


DIY Peelable base coat. This recipe literally involves TWO ingrediants- Elmer’s Glue and Water. It is VERY EASY and inexpensive!!!!  Click HERE for the step by step instructions.

Empty Polish bottles are available at beauty supply stores or you can rinse an old bottle out with acetone polish remover. Be sure to use cotton ball/ Q-tips to cleans the existing color off of the brush and bottle around the seal.

wackylakiPicture tutorial by Wacky Laki.

How to make a heart on your nails in a few easy steps

14 Jul

I am so in love with all the latest nail art I have come across, it’s such a sensation across beauty blogs and all over the web. I have always done polka dots and have mastered the easiest way to do so.  I am not artsy at all, so getting perfect polka dots every time is an amazing feat.  I used to use a toothpick until I discovered my favorite polka dot making tool at a craft store  years ago and I still use the same tool now. The tool is known in the scrapbooking world as a stylus or embossing tool and they’re very reasonably priced, $2-$4 at Michaels, Jo-ann or any craft store. I prefer the dual tipped kind, so I can choose the size of my polka dots. This whole polka dot obsession has led me to include heart designs in my nail art.  I came across a tutorial a few months ago that showed how to create a heart by connecting 3 dots. you’ll see just how simple it is in the pictures below

Stylus tool $2.10 at stuff4scrapbooking.

Heart in a few easy steps.

1. start with one dot

2. make another dot directly beside it

3.make a third dot under the first two, directly in the middle, this will be the bottom of your heart.

4 connect the three dots into a heart shape.

5. give your design plenty of time to dry before applying your topcoat.

                                                                                                                                                     My tool

I prefer to put a small amount of polish onto a post it and dip my tool into that instead of into the bottle.

My latest heart nail art. Mint polish topped with a cherry red heart!

Minimal Summer Makeup

15 May

I love the look of minimal makeup in the Summer and it’s so easy. I have gotten a lightweight routine down for these warm months. It literally takes 5 minutes and looks polished yet simple.

I’ve narrowed my products down to only 4!!!!! I add a swipe of shimmery eyeshadow or liner if I have extra time, but these 4 products are key to achieve this look.

  • Tinted moisturizer with SPF
  • Mascara
  • Blush(I love corals & peaches for summer)
  • Lip balm/gloss(peach,pink,nude)